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KETER OAKLAND 1175 SHED 3.5mx2.3m


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Available for pre-order, new stock is arriving late November 2020. The Oakland 11 x 7.5 foot, paintable shed from Keter. Not only is this shed extremely stylish, it has a special wall design that allows you to paint the poly-resin plastic with water based acrylic paint. The 1175 features double doors, a skylight, and a Victorian-style window for great looks. The Oakland series are the only sheds in the Keter range that have this new type of wall panel, along with the smaller Highstore mini shed. So you can match the colour of your house or get creative with dark earthy tones or even bright summer colours to give your backyard the look and style you want to achieve. These sheds are Keter’s new range of premium garden sheds, they are extremely well made and have several features that mark them as a cut above any other resin shed on the market. If you are looking for the best quality outdoor shed in Australia, this is the one.

  • Dimensions external: 3.5m W 2.29m D 2.54m H
  • Dimensions internal: 3.24m W 2.01m D 2.42m H
  • Internal wall height approx 1.9m
  • Door opening width: 1.485m
  • Strong & durable: Thick double-wall structure with steel reinforcement
  • Easy assembly: Pre-cut tongue and groove panels
  • Maintenance free: No rust, no dents and no peeling[ls_content_block id=”33389″]
  • Customisable: Walls can be painted to your colour personal preference, read more below
  • Robust, wide double doors for easy access
  • Heavy duty resin floor supports more than 300PSI Suitable for storing even the heaviest items (lawnmowers, ATVs) due to the strength of the floor.
  • Low maintenance thanks to its weather resistant structure.
  • High enough ceiling for an adult to comfortably move around inside
  • Stainless steel locking system for extra security (lock not included)

Oakland 1175 Shed Painting Instructions The Oakland is the only resin shed you can paint. Our Oakland shed is maintenance-free resin shed made of a unique compound which enables the wall-panels to be painted. The shed can be used in its original color, or the walls can be painted to match your landscape, deck, patio, or outdoor setting. Type of paint: The walls of the shed can be painted with a water-based acrylic paint for exterior use. Recommended: Solid, light shades, satin or semi-gloss finish. Consult with your color consultant or paint professional when choosing paint. Application: Use a roller to apply the paint on the wall surface. Do not paint the crevices, gaps in the wall panels. Do not paint windows, doors or door beam, roof, floor, or any other part of the shed. Keep in mind: Painting requires maintenance. After some time, repainting may be required. [ls_content_block id=”40765″ para=”paragraphs”] [ls_content_block id=”34429″]

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