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Turning Your Garden Shed into a Creative, Functional Space

functional garden shedA garden storage shed’s versatile and robust structure makes it ideal for storing almost anything. But if you think garden shed is only good for storage, consider exploring its other uses. There are countless ways you can transform it into your own creative space.

Seeking for inspiration on how to re-imagine your garden shed? We have some ideas:

A Mini Private Gym

Many people prefer to work out at a local gym close to their home, but what if you can have a gym right in your backyard? Having a garden shed as your personal mini gym is both comfortable and convenient.

Art Room

Is painting or drawing one of your hobbies? You can turn your shed into your very own art studio. What’s great about transforming your shed into an art studio is that size is not a major issue. A small shed is big enough to fit a stool and an easel. You can keep the door open to let in some air and sunlight and you’re good to start on your masterpiece.

Children’s Playhouse

If you have young kids, give them their own secret hideout to play in. An easy way to turn your shed into a playhouse is adding a splash of bright colours and some playhouse accessories. You can fill it with soft toys, posters, a small sofa or bed and even a TV to watch their favourite cartoons.

Mini Workshop

Are you a handyperson? A large shed can be a perfect workshop for your DIY needs. Shelving systems, tool drawers and a workbench are three essential elements needed in a workshop. You can install a TV or radio as additional features.

Home Spa

Looking for a bit of indulgence? Adding inflatable spa baths, towel racks, bath accessories and some relaxing candles and lighting can instantly transform your shed into a home spa. You can take this step further by creating a spa room for a home business. If you’re in the beauty business, you can include a massage table and spa chairs.

Game Room

Whether you’re into video games or tabletop games, a game room can be the venue for any friendly game with family or friends. Installing a TV with several video game consoles or adding a small pool table will be a hit for your next house party or family gathering.

Home Observatory

Turning your shed into an observatory takes more time and effort but the results will be worth it. You can install a mechanism that raises the roof outwards or use a glass roof to provide a clear view of the sky. You can also add a high-power telescope that allows you to have a stunning view of the moon and the stars.

Your Outdoor Storage Solution

Looking for the right garden shed? Yardly has a broad range of competitively priced garden sheds that are designed for your home needs. Our sheds are made of polypropylene, which is a cost-effective alternative to metal or timber sheds. Whether it’s to help you solve a storage problem or to make your own creative space, our sheds are designed to make your life easier.

Call 1300 205 572 to enquire about our sheds.