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Why Synthetics are the Best Choice for Outdoor Furniture

Synthetic outdoor living roomThe metrics for choosing outdoor furniture are different to those of indoor furniture. For one, outdoor furniture must be durable and be able to withstand different weather conditions, rain or shine. As fixtures in a cosy and leisurely escape, outdoor furniture must also be comfortable and conducive to relaxation.

With all these factors when choosing the right kind of outdoor furniture, one must look at the most crucial characteristic – the material makeup.

Excellent Weather Resistance of Synthetics

There are many great materials to choose from. But when it comes to weather resistance, synthetics deliver the highest standard. The high heat and moisture resistance of plastics like polypropylene outperform other materials such as wood and steel.

The weather resistant properties of synthetic materials contribute a great deal to the lasting colours and finish of any synthetic furniture. This property called colourfast helps the furniture’s exterior stay bright, vibrant and beautiful. You need not worry about repainting your outdoor furniture just so they can blend in with your interiors and other outdoor furnishings.

Since pieces of plastic furniture are durable even when exposed to sunlight and rain, they require zero or minimal maintenance.

Cosiness and Other Advantages of Synthetic Furniture

Comfort is another great characteristic of synthetic furniture. You can relish a nice read or a cup of tea under the shade with or without the help of cushions. More importantly, unlike with steel furniture, you will not have to worry about sitting on a hot surface when your furniture is exposed to the sun for a long period.

Plastic furniture is the most affordable material on the market mainly for its recyclable properties. Plastic furniture designers and manufacturers seldom create pieces from virgin plastic materials. This makes synthetic furniture a cost-effective alternative.

If you are fond of regularly rearranging your furniture, the lightweight properties of synthetic furniture will play to your advantage.

UV Stabilised Outdoor Benches by Yardly

Weather-resistant, beautiful, comfortable and lightweight – if you are looking for garden benches that possess these qualities, turn to Yardly’s selection of outdoor synthetic garden benches for sale.

Enjoy the sunshine with the assurance that your bench can withstand Australian weather conditions. Our benches are made from UV stabilised polypropylene to ensure years of valuable use. Choose from a variety of colours that will surely match your home’s aesthetic and go well with the Australian lifestyle.

Each bench comes with a space-saving storage box ideal for books, garden tools, toys and other items that you can store outside to clear up your space inside.

At Yardly, we deliver nothing less than the top of the line outdoor products, which is why we source our products from only reliable brands known for their design and quality. Rest assured that all products are carefully inspected before they are released to the market and delivered to your doorstep in excellent condition.

For all your outdoor furniture and storage requirements, contact Yardly today. Call us on 1300 205 572 from 9 AM to 5 PM and one of our friendly representatives will discuss your needs.