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Ways to Enhance Your Informal Garden with Garden Benches

Rooftop garden benchesThe charm of informal gardens largely depends on how organic and natural they look. Unlike formal gardens, which have to be geometric and symmetrical, informal gardens allow homeowners to passively let plants grow, bloom and create their own eye-catching surprises.

While there is less maintenance and human intervention involved in informal gardens compared to formal gardens, planning is still needed to create a sense of balance and cohesion. You can control the way people visually and physically navigate your garden by how and where you place certain elements. For example, you can have an animal sculpture in one corner hidden behind a rose bush, and then a koi pond in another nook.

Secret Garden Benches

Garden benches help create charming secret corners amidst your small patch of paradise. They have become a popular artificial element in informal gardens since they lend a rustic and comfortable aesthetic. Rather than competing with other elements, garden benches complement the foliage and greenery within the space, and improve the overall visual appeal of your garden.

Ideas for Your Garden Benches

Often, the best spot for a garden bench is in front of a beautiful view. After all, studying, working or having afternoon tea is better enjoyed while relishing a nice panoramic view of your garden.

One great way to create enchanting secret corners with your garden bench is by covering it with an arbour. This architectural structure immediately catches the eye by creating a focal point. You can even have vines and climbing floral shrubs grow around the legs of the arbour to make the furniture blend in with the surroundings.

Versatile Outdoor Garden Benches from Yardly

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Our Keter outdoor benches present a contemporary design that is both modern and rustic that blends in beautifully with the natural elements. Each garden bench’s seat has a weather-resistant storage function ideal for keeping toys, tools and other objects.

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